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The Velvet Coquettes
Welcome to The Velvet Coquettes homepage.
The Velvet Coquettes are our sexy Burlesque dance troupe made up of ladies who have attended BURLEDANCE Burlesque classes from our very own Heavenlee Velvet and headed by HeavenLee herself.  They first performed together in 2013 and since then, have gone from strength to strength, with a diverse setlist and a variety of routines from the 1920s to recent hits.  They now tantalize any audience with their tight choreography (from HeavenLee)  and their classy style of dancing. Either individually or altogether, these glamorous ladies are an act you won't want to miss!

The Velvet Coquettes is an ever evolving group with new members joining all the time, so if you have a dance background and would like to join, please contact emma@burledance.com.
T H E   V E L V E T   C O Q U E T T E S