Burledance Version 2.0
Welcome to the Tequilla L'Adiva Bio page.
Like many accomplished dancers and actresses, Tequilla was born to perform.   She loves the attention of being in the spotlight and comes alive on stage.  From a very young age she has loved dressing up and entertaining her family with dancing and singing and acting out different personas.  She put her skills to good use in her teens by joining a local amateur dramatic company, but it wasn't until she joined BURLEDANCE that her performing skills really shone.  She is now a talented Burlesque Performer who owns every stage she is on and commands every audience who see her.   Her natural inner rock chic means she leans towards songs with an edge so her routines always have a bit of 'grrr' about them that leaves an audience blown away.
T E Q U I L L A   L' A D I V A