Burledance Version 2.0
Welcome to the Kinkii Pins De L'Or Bio page.
Kinkii  always dreamed of being a dancer from a very young age.  She was a confident child who loved to sing and dance for anyone who was there to watch.
Unfortunately, her confidence was stripped at school as a result of bullying and she decided to put her dreams aside.  Thankfully, however,  she found Burlesque with BURLEDANCE and their classes hlped her to believe in herself again and become the performer she has always wanted to be.  She now teases an audience with confidence and ease and leaves them begging for more.  As well as performing on her own, she can also be  seen performing as part of the BURLEDANCE Burlesque dance troupe The Velvet Coquettes.
K I N K I I   P I N S   D E   L' O R