Burledance Version 2.0
To give you some background information about me, Emma  
Hone aka HeavenLee Velvet:  I have been dancing since I was  
6 years old, starting with ballet and tap on a Saturday morning  
and eventually building up to dancing four days a week  
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings and most of  
Saturday) covering ballet, tap, modern dance, stage, jazz,  
gymnastics, gymnastic dance, choreography, fitness and  

I started teaching when I was 12, first as an assistant teacher  
in the baby ballet class and then eventually as a teacher of  
ballet, tap, modern and stage of all ages from babies right up  
to adult.  I covered all disciplines as well as a limbering/keep-
fit class.

By age 15, I was teaching at two different dancing schools;  
one in the evenings and one at the weekend.  I passed all  
exams in tap, ballet, modern and stage from pre-primary up to  
elementary level plus exams in the other disciplines and  
studied at associate/teaching level.  Unfortunately, due to  
financial restraints, I couldn't afford to pay for my final  
exams, so never became a fully qualified teacher.

At 18, I went to university and only danced/taught in the  
holidays.  Then after graduating at 22 I got a job and gave up  
dancing to concentrate on my career.

I always missed it, so after I got married at 25 I joined the  
local drama group The Binfield Bards and stepped into the role  
of choreographer as well as actress.  I enjoyed ten years with  
this group and really enjoyed acting, especially when I had the  
chance to take part in a musical or pantomime that involved  
acting, singing and dancing.

I also became a member of the Nick James players, a musical  
group who put on performances of Old Time Music Hall and  
songs from the shows for charity and this allowed me once  
again to combine singing and dancing with acting.
Plus I performed in a few shows with another local amdram  
group called CADS (Cranbourne Amateur Dramatics Society).

However dancing has always been my passion, so I decided to  
find an adult dance class.  There were a few adult ballet and  
tap classes around but they all seemed to be aimed at  
beginners, so I decided to try something new and went to my  
first Burlesque class.  It was run by the Burlesque Academy of  
Dance, led by a fantastic performer and teacher called  
Miranda Lewellyn.  I fell in love with the glamour and  
sexiness of Burlesque and revelled in how feminine it made  
me feel.

I soon became a teacher for Miranda and a dancer in her   
Hell's Belles dance troupe, regularly appearing in shows at the  
Havana bar & restaurant in Windsor, Berkshire, and other  
various venues in Surrey under the name Fleur Délice.

Although I loved being a Hell's Belle, the choreographer in me  
wanted to be able to come up with my own routines and go in  
my own direction.  After looking into it further I soon realised  
that there are very few opportunities to learn Burlesque in  
Berkshire and so I created BURLEDANCE.  I also wanted to  
give women like me, who love to dance but have perhaps let  
motherhood take over or have lost their confidence for  
whatever reason, the chance to be a woman again and do  
something for themselves that lets them be glamourous and  
sexy, be comfortable and confident with their body and get fit  
in a fun, feminine way.
I love performing and hope to share that passion with my  
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